Truepro has above ground pools in a varity of sizes to fit your budget and yard. We provide our customers a custom design consultation to determine exactly what pool fits your needs and wants along with other options like a pergola or patio cover to make the most of your outdoor space.

The Most Advanced Sunroom

Window Replacement Okc Sunroom With A Beautiful Valley ViewWhile other companies jumble to meet the minimum building code requirements, TruePro Home Solutions and LivingSpace Sunrooms hold ourselves to an advanced standard. The patented Amilock system hides noticeable fasteners and provides a faultless seal. Our Pultrex framing system is energy efficient and follows the structural integrity of a well-built home. These innovations allow us to build and install a sunroom that exceeds building codes. Because of this, TruePro Home Solutions and LivingSpace provide the only sunroom that adds square footage to your home and allows you to completely take away the wall between your sunroom and your home.


Quality Materials

Although recent building materials have become more and more developed, aluminum is still the most universally used sunroom building material in the present day. LivingSpace was unhappy with the quality of aluminum-based sunrooms, so they developed the use of modern, high-strength components in manufacturing. Their patented Pultrex framing system combines fiberglass and PVC resin to create a structure that’s extraordinarily tough. This makes for a sunroom that resists against dents, scratches, corrosion, and extreme moisture. It also maintains the maximum thermal performance in the business.


Built with Extreme Weather in Mind

Window Replacement Okc Sunroom With Snow On The Ground OutsideLivingSpace has redesigned the sunroom with the most severe weather conditions in mind. The sunrooms are engineered and installed to withstand storms and winds up to 150 miles per hour. They also meet earthquake codes throughout North America. With TruePro Home Solutions and LivingSpace, you can rest assured that your sunroom will remain strong and sturdy, no matter what Oklahoma weather throws at it.



Factory-Built Precision

In the past, purchasing a sunroom meant turning your home into a construction site. Contractors measuring in unsound conditions, cutting materials in your yard, and hiding mistakes with unsightly fill panels. You’ll be surprised to learn that most sunroom companies still do this today. But, not TruePro Home Solutions and LivingSpace. LivingSpace sunrooms are meticulousness cut under ideal perfect conditions in a factory-controlled environment. Every piece of your sunroom is digitally modeled by our engineers and cut by a computer-guided saw within 1/16th of an inch. Ensuring that TruePro Home Solutions provides you with a shorter install time and a perfect finish.


  • No screws are noticeable 
  • Two-tone colors options available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5 Star durability
  • CAD designed precision cut
  • Made from composite material
  • 5 Star energy efficiency
  • Customizable to your home and needs
  • Adds square footage
  • Provides an open flow
  • Recessed LED lighting options available
  • Enclosed electrical pathways
  • Shingle ready roof

In-Home Design Consultation

First step towards your new sunroom is your free in-home design consultation. Call TruePro Home Solutions,your local LivingSpace partner today to schedule your free consultation to discuss your unique vision, understand your options, and get a free estimate. The in-home consultation is an opportunity for you to ask questions and explore your ideas, with the low-pressure advisor of a sunroom expert. Call TruePro Home Solutions today at 405.604.5555 to schedule.

Window Replacement Okc Sunroom With Veiw Of A Lake


TruePro Home Solutions offers our customers MainStreet, the number one rated brand of vinyl siding products. MainStreet siding installed by TruePro Home Solutions offer dependable quality, stylish and classic color options and is the perfect choice for homeowners wanting value with the benefits of a premium panel. TruePro Home Solutions will provide you with many options to fit any budget.

Window Replacement Okc Exterior View Of Sunroom

  • Many classic styles
  • Natural wood grain or brushed finishes
  • RigidForm 200 engineered technology
  • DuraLock post- formed lock design.
  • STUDfinder Installations System for amazing siding performance.
  • A wide variety of matte colors
  • .042 thickness
  • Maintenance free
  • Never needs to be painted
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Lifetime limited warranty


Available in 7 styles to fit your style of home perfectly: Triple 3″ Brushed Clapboard, Double 4″ Wood grain Clapboard, Double 5″ Wood grain Clapboard, Double 4″ Woodgrain Dutchlap, Double 5″ Wood grain Dutchlap, Single 6 1/2″ Brushed Beaded and Single 8″ Wood grain Clapboard on select colors.

RigidForm 200Technology hardens siding for a straighter wall appearance and has been tested to endure wind speed pressures of up to 200 mph.

DuraLock features an oversized, firm teardrop figure which is significantly larger than many competitors’ locking engineering serving to provide secure installation. The special engineering of the locking system creates a constructive, snap fitting allowing for necessary expansion and contraction.

PermaCOLOR Lifetime Fade Protection Color performance impact resistance and durability are guaranteed through their exclusive Perma-Color system, a blend of their own Certavin resin, superior micro technology and state of the art pigment chemistry.
STUDfinder patented Installation System combines specifically spaced nail slots with indication letters, calculated for accurate and secure installation.

Window Replacement Okc Sunroom Door With Stone Steps

STUDfinder for Accuracy

  • Find location of studs
  • Ensure nails are secured to studs correctly
  • Prevent incorrect number of nails that are used


STUDfinder for Security and Performance

  • Nailing to studs provides a strong , reinforced connection
  • Protects against siding loss due to weather from under nailing
  • Protects against bowing or buckling from over nailing


Want to add finishing touches to your new MainStreet siding? No problem. Mainstreet offers many finishing detail products that TruePro can install that will give your home the perfect curb appeal and finishing touches that you are looking for. You have options of contrasting Cedar Impressions, Perfection Shingles and CedarBoards. These options are specific to board and batten to the gables. Choose a contrasting vinyl carpentry trim and your home will pop with fresh, new colors and will remain as beautiful for many years to come.

Want the look of stone ask TruePro Home Solutions about MainStreet STONEfacade and Cedar impression shakes together. You also have the option of Restoration Millwork trim elements. These all creates the highly sought after, modern bold look that will last many years without maintenance and without you having to worry about crumbling stonework or cedar. No worrying about the upkeep means more enjoyment for you and your family.

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